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Her Justice selects new executive director
New York Law Journal

Amy Barasch, the former executive director of the New York state office for domestic violence prevention, will join Her Justice as executive director in September... More  
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Shearman & Sterling and Stroock pro bono attorneys secure life-changing outcomes for their clients

Abused mother wins legal residency and is reunited with her son

Deadbeat dad is undone by his own social media posts

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    "Until recently, those who studied the rise of hookup culture had generally assumed that it was driven by men... But there is an increasing ... More
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    Don't be sorry #ShineStrong More
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    "Most of these men have an image or a myth about rape, that it's some guy in a ski mask wielding a knife. They don't wear ski masks, they ... More
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    Faculty Against Rape, a new national organization, aims to help professors obtain resources on campus sexual assault and to build a sense ... More
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    "Men are lamenting that they are expected to make sure they aren't raping people." More
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    "People are not going to take you as seriously as you deserve to be taken if you're apologizing all the time." More
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    A big thank you to Bistro Caterers for feeding volunteers at Story by Story! Learn more at More
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    "On some campuses, students will hear lectures on how to avoid risky behavior, but a handful of colleges are assigning homework before ... More
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    "I've come to learn that women spend most of their social lives with ever-present, unavoidable feelings of vulnerability. Stop and think ... More
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    Effective immediately any N.F.L. employee — not only a player — who is found to have engaged in assault, battery, domestic violence or ... More
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