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Her Justice selects new executive director
New York Law Journal

Amy Barasch, the former executive director of the New York state office for domestic violence prevention, will join Her Justice as executive director in September... More  
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Shearman & Sterling and Stroock pro bono attorneys secure life-changing outcomes for their clients

Abused mother wins legal residency and is reunited with her son

Deadbeat dad is undone by his own social media posts

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    "For whatever reason, I and a lot of other otherwise “good guys” have succumbed to the notion that it’s best to just stay out of ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    "Telling someone to smile might seem particularly innocuous -- you just want her to look happy! But that, too, is a directive that ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    "Rape threats have become online culture's currency of choice, used to intimidate and silence women who deign to speak up. And it's ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    “It takes six people to make a mattress feel light, but to change the way sexual assault is handled on our campus, it is going to take ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    A special thank you from our executive director, Amy Barasch, to all who climbed and supported ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    "Focusing on data production drives us to think of sexual violence in black-and-white terms—a dangerous oversimplification of a far ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    The rape threats indicate that we are hitting a nerve. We want to do more than just hit a nerve though, we want New Yorkers to realize — ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    “This study gives us ammunition now to go to the legislature and say ... why don’t we begin to look at prevention and figure out some ... More
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    Here is a small selection of people who participated in #StorybyStory on on October 23. We thank all of you for your sweat and support! ... More
  • Her Justice on Facebook
    This is a small selection of photos from our Story by Story stair climb on October 23rd! All of the photos are available on our Flickr at ... More
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