Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

How the process works

Free legal representation by volunteer attorneys

Her Justice provides women who cannot afford a lawyer with volunteer attorneys who provide free representation for matters involving family law (Family Court), divorce (Supreme Court) and immigration (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, also called USCIS).

Who can get a volunteer attorney?

We try to give a volunteer lawyer to all women who ask for direct representation. Unfortunately, there are not enough volunteer attorneys to meet the tremendous need. Because of limited resources, we give priority to women who have especially complex cases and who we believe could not obtain the legal protections they seek without a lawyer.

In addition, to receive a pro bono lawyer, you must:

  • Give us enough time to find a pro bono attorney for you. It may take time to place your case with a volunteer. If you contact us a few days before you need to appear in court, we will not be able to find a volunteer lawyer in time

Not all legal matters require a lawyer

With Her Justice’s help and guidance, many women can successfully represent themselves in court on their own. For women who have very straight-forward cases, we provide free legal advice, information and brief services.

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How do I apply for help?

After you have reviewed the kinds of legal matters we handle and our eligibility requirements, contact Her Justice by telephone or in person to arrange for an intake interview.

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What happens when you find a volunteer attorney to take my case?

  • A staff member from Her Justice will contact you
  • You will be given the attorney’s name and the name of their law firm
  • The attorney will contact you directly to set up an appointment for you to meet in their office

How long does it take to get a volunteer lawyer?

There is often a waiting list for pro bono representation.

  • The time that it takes for us to place your case with a volunteer attorney can range from 2 weeks up to 6 or more months
  • Whether and how quickly we give you a volunteer attorney depends on the type of case you have, the urgency of your case and when a volunteer attorney is available to take your case