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Represent yourself

Pro Se ServicesOften, a woman’s situation is so immediate that there isn’t enough time to find a volunteer lawyer to take her case. Her Justice’s pro se (meaning without an attorney in Latin) services are designed to provide women with the advice and information they need to proceed on their own in court.

Free legal advice

When you contact Her Justice for free legal advice, you will:

  • Learn about your legal rights and how the law applies to your case and unique situation 
  • Have your questions answered by an experienced staff attorney
  • Receive detailed information about court procedures and step-by-step instructions on how to represent yourself in court
  • Learn what legal papers you will need to file with the court, receive detailed instructions on the correct way to file your papers, and learn about important deadlines you may need to meet in order to avoid a default judgment
  • Learn about pro se services available within the courts for individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney and need to represent themselves
  • Receive additional informational materials that apply to your case
  • Obtain referrals to legal or social service agencies and community organizations that might be able to help you

Free brief services

The preparation of court papers is called brief services. Her Justice staff attorneys and volunteer attorneys can draft (prepare) legal papers which you can then file in Family or Supreme Court in New York City. 

To arrange an intake appointment to receive free legal advice or to find out if you are eligible for free brief services, contact us.

Check out our legal references guides in English and Spanish which provide additional information about family law and divorce cases in New York State