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Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

Getting a divorce

Her Justice provides free legal services to low-income women who wish to file for a divorce or who have been served with divorce papers by their husbands.

We help women obtain both contested (litigated) and uncontested (non-litigated) divorces. We provide free information about the law and what happens in Supreme Court, which is the only court in New York that can grant a legal divorce.

We also advise women about what is likely to happen in their divorce cases and about governmental and private agency resources that may be helpful to them. In as many cases as we can, we provide free volunteer lawyers to represent women in their divorce cases in Supreme Court.

Uncontested divorces

Your divorce will be uncontested if you and your husband both want to get a divorce and you both agree about the grounds (legal reason) for the divorce. You must also agree about what will happen with your children, your property and your finances after the divorce.

Contested divorces

Your divorce will be contested if either you or your husband:
  • Does not want to get a divorce
  • Disagree about the grounds (legal reason) for the divorce
  • Disagree about what will happen with your children, your property or your finances after the divorce
Because the judge will require detailed information in order to decide the outcomes on the issues you disagree about, your contested divorce will require you and your husband to go to Supreme Court a number of times.

Her Justice cannot help you get a divorce if:

  • You do not have legal grounds (reason) for a divorce
  • You do not know where your husband lives or works and cannot locate him
  • Your husband does not live in the United States or its territories

Her Justice does not assist with separations or annulments

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