Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

Message from the executive director
Catherine J. Douglass

According to the latest Presidential election polls, the faltering national economy now leads the list of concerns of most Americans. How our elected leaders address so many criticl national issues—health care, education, energy, jobs—in the coming months and years directly affects each of us and our families. No one has more at stake than inMotion’s clients.

Most of us worry about the future opportunities our children and grandchildren will inherit. But we don’t have to worry that we won’t have enough money to make it through the month, the week, tomorrow—to buy food and medicine, to pay the rent and utilities. Nor do we worry about whether we’ll have a safe home to return to at the end of the day. These are the very immediate worries of the women who reach out to inMotion for help.

More than 14.1 million women in America are poor—that’s about one in eight. Women living in New York State are even more likely to live in poverty than their national counterparts. Our state, in fact, has the worst income gap between rich and poor in the nation.*

All of our clients live in poverty. Their fears for themselves and their children are very immediate and very real. They cannot wait for long-term solutions. Resourceful and courageous, they find us—through friends or colleagues, the police, the courts, or on the web. And when they do, we link them with pro bono lawyers and supportive social services.

Most of our clients gain significant financial benefits in their court cases: child support payments, health insurance coverage, the right to keep affordable housing, valuable pension rights, fair division of marital debts. Talented and caring lawyers make the difference. Together, we are giving thousands of women the chance to begin to live without fear.

We at inMotion are determined not to let concerns of the uncertain financial future of our country limit our ability to provide increased economic security to women living in poverty in our community. Unfortunately, these same economic challenges mean that many institutions that support our work will be cutting back in the coming year. So, donations from individuals like you are now more critical than ever. You have the opportunity to help the women we serve survive the difficult year ahead. Please give as generously as you can. 





Catherine J. Douglass
Executive Director


* The Economic Status of Women in New York State, by Erica Williams, Institute for Women’s Policy Research in partnership with The New York Women’s Foundation, published June 2008.