Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

Special Awards

The Havens Relief Fund Society

  • The mission of the Havens Relief Fund Society is “to help struggling New York City residents and their families overcome imminent financial crises that might otherwise have devastating impacts on their lives by providing modest, one-time grants.” For the past 11 years, The Havens have been an essential resource to Her Justice. For many of our cases, one small expense may stand in the way of our clients being able to achieve the justice they seek through the courts. On so many occasions, the Havens have understood this barrier and have paid for fees that help our clients obtain court transcripts and the medical exams required for immigration filings. The Havens also provided the funds to purchase a bed so that a client’s daughter would not have to sleep on the floor. We thank the Havens for their compassion and for their deep understanding that to allow a small financial barrier stand between our clients and the legal outcomes they seek, is a true injustice.


  • Kroll has been an active partner in our pro bono program since 2012 and has always stood ready to assist our volunteer attorneys with the investigatory needs that frequently arise in our contested divorce, child support and spousal support cases. In particular, Dan Schorr, associate managing director and Yiru Zhu, associate director, have consistently assisted us with the investigative issues that arise—whether it’s a search to locate a client’s husband so she can serve divorce papers, or, as in a recent case, to assess the true value of the husband’s two cellular phone businesses in order to help achieve a fair settlement in a contested divorce case. In this case, Yiru enlisted the help of a colleague who drove to the husband’s stores in New Jersey to pose as a customer in order to get a first-hand look at how the business operates and what inventory it sells. In another divorce case, Yiru searched for undisclosed properties they suspected a client’s husband owned in upstate New York and also investigated the value of the husband’s privately owned businesses. The crucial forensic information provided by Kroll helps volunteer attorneys settle cases favorably for Her Justice clients and ensures that the women we serve achieve financial security through litigated divorce, child support and spousal support cases.