Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

Our clients

Our clients

inMotion's clients are poor and working poor women. Our clients are low-income women who live in New York City. Most are single mothers. Without money for life’s basic necessities, hiring a lawyer is not something they can ever contemplate.

34% of the families we serve live in the Bronx, the City’s poorest borough and the poorest urban county in the United States

29% of our clients live in Queens.  Queens is the most ethnically diverse county in the entire United States. Nearly half of the people who live in Queens were born in a foreign country—and collectively speak more than 160 languages.

Latina women account for 49% of our clients and 27% are African-American. 35% of our clients speak a language other than English as their primary language and 1 out of every 4 women we serve cannot access the legal system without an interpreter.

Hear what our clients say about inMotion

"InMotion gave me the hope of life. Because I am an immigrant, I didn’t know the laws of the United States. I didn’t know how to protect myself and my family. I appreciated inMotion’s assistance thathelped me to get legal residency. Also, I learned the laws and I now know how to protect myself and my family. I am very thankful to my volunteer lawyer and for inMotion’s assistance.I get quite emotional when I think of all the assistance I received from inMotion, without your assistance I’m afraid to think where I’d be today. InMotion is a godsend."

"My lawyers went above and beyond what they needed to do. I always felt like I was their top priority. I am a single mom and very often I could not find a sitter for our meetings. They arranged for someone o watch my son while we went over paper work. They helped me get my life back on track."

"My case was very hard and difficult. InMotion really helped me a lot and kept me informed with all steps and provided me with everything I needed, even a MetroCard and food, I would like to thank you uys for helping me. When I had nobody, no money, no friend and felt like my life was gonna be over, it made me strong and made a new woman who does not give up in life. Thank you so very much."

How can you help?
$5,000   Extensive legal training and education for 20 pro bono lawyers.
$2,500   Telephone screening and intake for 50 women seeking free legal services.
$1,000   Guidance to 4 women forced to go to court without lawyers.
$500   Matching of 4 women with their teams of volunteer lawyers.
$250   Advice about legal options to 2 women.
$100   Process service costs to notify batterers to come to court
 $50   Child care costs for a client's full day in Family Court
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