Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

inMotion is a volunteer organization

Leveraging the professional talents and personal interests of our volunteers is at the core of what inMotion does best.

Our volunteers

Every day inMotion's staff and volunteers are on the front lines protecting mothers and children from abuse.

Our volunteer lawyers secure orders of protection that keep families safe. They help battered immigrant women become legal residents, enabling them to obtain good jobs and a full range of benefits for themselves and their children. Our pro bono volunteers also obtain child support orders against fathers who refuse to pay, so that mothers with custody can provide for their children. And they represent women seeking divorces in obtaining custody of their children and a fair share of the assets of the marriage. Learn more.

  • InMotion recruits, trains and mentors volunteer lawyers from New York City's top corporate law firms in matrimonial, family and immigration law.
  • Nearly 2,200 individuals volunteered with inMotion last year.
    Our volunteers include attorneys and legal assistants from corporate law firms, law students, graduate, undergraduate and technical students, interpreters and translators and seasoned professionals from all walks of life. 
  • 80 law firms and corporations participate in our pro bono program and provide direct representation to our clients in Family and Supreme Court and before the bureau of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Last year our volunteers donated 76,000 hours of their time to represent inMotion clients.
    Last year our volunteers donated 18MM worth of legal servicesThe value of the free legal services
    donated by inMotion volunteers equals
    more than:
Meet one of our volunteer legal teams

Juan A. Arteaga, Esq. and Ryan A. Kane, Esq.
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Click here to read about Juan's case.We admire our client for enduring great personal hardship in order to fight for her daughter and her tremendous courage to let Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, inMotion and the court system give her justice.”


How can you help? 
$5,000   Extensive legal training and education for 20 pro bono lawyers.
$2,500   Telephone screening and intake for 50 women seeking free legal services.
$1,000   Guidance to 4 women forced to go to court without lawyers.
$500   Matching of 4 women with their teams of volunteer lawyers.
$250   Advice about legal options to 2 women.
$100   Process service costs to notify batterers to come to court
 $50   Child care costs for a client's full day in Family Court
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