Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.
Senior Leadership Council

Our Senior Leadership Council is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who share a strong commitment to Her Justice. Council members support Her Justice by helping to broaden awareness of and resources for our work. Membership in the Senior Leadership Council is by invitation of the Her Justice Board of Directors.

Jeffrey H. Aronson
Centerbridge Partners, L.P.

Hon. Shelley C. Chapman
US Bankruptcy Judge
Southern District of New York

Timothy R. Coleman
PJT Partners Inc.

Norma C. Corio
American Express Global Business Travel

Lisa J. Donahue


Catherine J. Douglass, Esq.
Founder, Her Justice

Bryan P. Marsal
Alvarez & Marsal

Jim Millstein
Millstein & Co., L.P.

Brad Eric Scheler, Esq.
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver
& Jacobson LLP

Myron Trepper, Esq.