Formerly known as inMotion, Inc.

Why inMotion changed its name to
Her Justice Shift the power

Her Justice immediately conveys the most important elements of our mission:

  • We recruit volunteer attorneys from the City’s law firms to stand side-by-side with women who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, giving them a real chance to obtain legal protections that transform lives.
  • We enable women to take control of their personal situations, improve their children’s lives and build a stronger community for us all.


Why did inMotion change its name?

Over the past year, we asked our volunteers and supporters about their experiences with inMotion. Much of what they told us was positive—a deep commitment to our mission, appreciation for the efficiency of our model and the quality of the training and support we give our volunteers, and respect for the results we achieve on behalf of our clients. However, they also told us that the name inMotion did not adequately convey our purpose.

We listened and developed a new name that clearly expresses what we do and why.

What has changed?

While our name and logo have changed, our purpose, our mission and the way we conduct our work remain the same. We have launched a new web site and changed the way we look, but we remain committed to our mission: To engage the vast talent and resources of New York City's law firms, bringing together committed lawyers and determined women to secure life-changing results.

Who made the decision to change the name?

With input from our volunteers, donors, board/junior board members and staff, Cathy Douglass, the organization’s founder and Executive Director, together with a staff working group, made the decision to change the name.

Why did we hire a branding agency?

For 20 years we have leveraged the talents of expert attorneys to achieve the best possible results on behalf of our clients. Our approach to this challenge was no different. After a thorough vetting process, we engaged Mission Minded, a nationally-recognized branding firm that specializes in working with nonprofits.

Over the span of a year, Mission Minded guided our team in making important decisions about our name and reputation that will expand our ability to broaden our base of donors and legal volunteers in order to serve more women and children.