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Her Justice is now on AmazonSmile

Everytime you shop through these websites a portion of your purchase will be donated to Her Justice.
The best part? The donation is made at no cost to you!
When shopping on Amazon, remember to click the link below—or bookmark it on your computer—to shop with AmazonSmile.
Designate Her Justice as your favorite charity and a percentage of your Amazon purchase will be donated to Her Justice automatically. covers thousands of online merchants, from Macy’s to GameStop to Bath & Body Works. When you click the link below, you will be directed to the Her Justice section of the website. From there, you can choose from an extensive list of merchants, all of whom will donate a percentage of your purchase to Her Justice. No sign-up is required—although you can create an account to track the donation amount your purchases have generated for Her Justice—and your financial information will remain confidential between you and the merchant in question.

Although you will always need to shop through the AmazonSmile portal in order for the donation to be delivered to Her Justice, offers a browser add-on that allows you to skip the portal process. The add-on (under the “Downloads” tab) recognizes when you visit online merchants connected to and ensures that the donation from your purchase will be made automatically.

Even if you’d rather not download the browser extension, remember to bookmark
and AmazonSmile!